Sunday, August 21, 2011

Play with fire

There's always an epic moment when you just wanted to be free, take off your lingerie, play with a doll and smoke air. And you'll ignore the world as people can't get near/attach to you. It's strictly nothing personal but there would be always 'the' time that you just wanna be alone.

I am a mess myself. At one time I need lotsa times to molest my comfy pillows and bed but hence I'll go out and scream instead. So yeah twisted mind my ass. I chose to be this way, I chose to feel this kind of pathetic way but then I realized that I just push people away. Like a petite girl whom would get mad if her puppy'll snot into a tiny box, I'll feel the same way when people around me being care for me too much.

I don't like to be stared. I don't want goddamn attentions and I don't need you to care. I'm enjoying myself to bits & lingering my hips till fit. Just so you know, I got this ice box where my heart used to be.

"and your puppy turned into a big dog anyways. I don't feel it right"