Friday, August 5, 2011

Why People Drives Me Insane?

There goes the cinematography of life which is ain't cool at all. There's bunch of people that always gives me massive headache and etc. When the conversations started with something serious & then end up with total craps. Oh yeah, we girls did it. Like a lot.

Sebagai contoh : -

Conversation pertama.

A : "you know what, I'm totally messed out. I miss him"

B : "don't be like this, you're much stronger from the inside"

(the second person will console you at the first of conversation and make you calm)

B : "eh how's our plan on next week hah? jadi tak?"

A : "aku xde mood lah.."

B : "eh nak tau that day aku dengar gossip baru blablabla.."

(this is when the conversation dah lost dan menjadi ke arah total craps)

Sometimes we do need it. Distraction from tones of stuffs which totally messed you out and etc. But then, you've been wondering - were your friends put themselves in your situation & were them trying too hard to make you feel comfortable? 

Mungkin salah satu membuat you guys lupa yang you got sort of problems, heavy problems so basically diorang menarik perhatian you guys dengan menukar topik secara tiba-tiba and lastly, you'll forget the main topic about mending a broken heart and etc.

That's the cool part of it. But the saddest part is, when you're actually wanted a person that could hear anything and could lend them ears to you without saying a word or even trying to distract you in a good way. We do need a perfect listener and a comfy shoulder to cry on whenever we need it the most.

And it's getting hectic when you need people to hear you with all of their hearts and then they tend to make fun of you and then they'll forgot the major topic. Sheesh sedih sial T__T
And then you have to start it over again. By looking for a new person to hear the same story from the very beginning.