Monday, December 5, 2011

Once Upon A Time

We were all on Myspace. Even though it can't show to the world who's you going out with, having a relation with, whose your families and all but it still had a "Who I'd Like To Meet" column. Back then, we were all put our fav pictures with our special ones, tempek sebesar-besar alam on that column the pic of your soulmate and etc and on that time, we were surely look like an internet craver.

I did that too. But now since we all moved forward and leave Myspace behind, and getting on Facebook, we can't put pictures on our page no more. I mean on the profile page, since Facebook is much proper than Myspace, and the great thing is, it still make us like an attention seeker. Again. With the 'in a relationship' status with someone and the whole world knows it, and then people just wanting more, and it's actually lead to fights among your love ones and etc.

So yeah, these social sites are making us look pathetic and what worse is, WE ARE HELL YES PATHETIC. By updating status on what you're doing, cursing, spreading out rumors, creating so much enemies with your status(es), being so lame and often to go out living the exact real life instead of just stuck in your goddamn ass in front of the laptop, and then you tend to leave out the world matters just like that. We are the WTF generation like we brag on Twitter, but don't you know that you're actually a psycophatic lame cause you just can't live without internet connections and social websites?

Pity you. Pity us. Pity me. I should just stop and living my life happily with my love ones.. And you know what? That's only matter for now. Living my life with nobody is going to interrupt with.