Monday, February 4, 2013


Bumbung hospital dan rumah mayat paling mengujakan. Paling mati.
Kubur tanpa nama paling menyeksakan. Paling peri.
Keranda tanpa penghuninya paling ngeri. Paling sepi.
Jantung tanpa pemiliknya, paling ditakuti. Hilang inti.

There was a girl and a boy before they knew each other's name and before they had their first kiss till they held their hands together, hug each other tightly, feel the heartbeats, move with the sound of the wind, dance with the unsystematic vibes, share the same pillow and bed, eat in the same tray, hunger for each other's blood, fill each either's holes, wrap each other's arms, wake up from the same view, share the same smells, and die in the same coffin.

If only they knew how it felt was.