Friday, August 26, 2011


There was a little girl wearing a cute blue dress with a grizzly brunette hair. She's playing with flock of seagulls & she has a perfect smile. But, she's been muted when comes to laughs and I've been wondering with a big question mark on my forehead - why?

Dunia tanpa suara iz totally hell for me. I can't accept silent treatment and shits. I can't live in a whole world of bisu environment. It's killing me from the core. Being a konon-steel-woman can't help me overcome all of this related muted scene. I just can't.

Paling tidak suara bayi menangis pun dah cukup sempurna. Kalau aku tak dengar any voices, aku yang menangis apa pula? Buruk bunyinya. So please please please gimme your sounds, your slutty harsh words, your f-ing curses, your everything with of course any kind of sounds and volumes.

I can't help for being afraid this way.
I'm not expecting death and e's.
Why must you brought me your earphone anyways?
Can't you see I'm now at this low level of suffering? Hanging.