Monday, September 9, 2013

From the darkest shadow and the biggest pain.

When I was a kid, I've been told to just do anything yet everything cause nothing would ever stop me as long as I hold onto passions and that passions would give me strength. I grew up being all spontaneous and I would never let any problems stuck between me and times at all. I'll find solutions and solve those in either diff ways and I also learned how to let go.

Years have passed through me and somehow I can't be able to see me like how I used to see in the mirror anymore. I've done terrible things that times won't let me live a peaceful life. Pure water that can't dismiss my sins and steps that would've always force me to go backwards instead of walking ahead finding my own new journey.

No matter how many times I sit in regret,
no matter how hard I carve big smile,
no matter how long I have run,
no matter how far I can hide,
my shadow would still drag me to the past.

The doors are now closed and I've trapped within.
From the darkest shadow and the biggest pain.