Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Red Perfect Tree

Cox snapped when he sees a brunette girl wondering around the park where he left the 'thing' exactly in the same place. The girl is now chasing a dog with a bright looking smile on her face.

Cox take a smooth walk to her and stopped right beside her. She's panting and soon taking her deep breath and giving a glance to Cox. The colour of the girl's eyes, is blue. Exactly like the colour of an ocean. Beautifully amazing.

"tired, huh?", asked Cox.

"not really. have we met before?", she then running her hand softly through her brunettes' hair.

"I don't think so. is that your dog?"

"Nope, it's not. I just love playing with dog and such.."

And the owner of a pair big pretty blue eyes starting to walk. She didn't look back at Cox or inviting him for a walk at all. She just walk and walk till she disappears from Cox's view.

Cox take a few minutes of his actual sane before he decided to follow her.

"Is that really him, Leisha? I wouldn't mind to take your place afterall...."

Cox froze at his own stands. He once buried a body under the red tree and now he saw the brunette girl with amazing blue eyes playing with a black gun which used to be Leisha's. The girl that he killed.

And the scream being one of the loudest scream ever in that evening.. It wasn't as close as howling yet but it sure sounds scary.