Sunday, April 21, 2013


She walks slowly down the hill as she's panting and needing some air to move on. 
She's literally sicks but yet she's too strong to show the weak side of her to the whole world.
As she sees the beautiful red clouds making conversations to themselves, she stands still and wonder.
Wonder of what is might going on in the future.
The red clouds seem staring at her, giving her some thoughts.
And yet, she moves on and hold her chest tightly as she feels like the heart's going to fall.

The amazing dawn accompany her walk, to a long dark brown bench.
She attempts to lie down and gives some minutes to rest,
When suddenly she overheard a fight in her own head.

"I never wanted her in this life, I never wanted her to be mine",
And the fight keeps on going but this time, there's screams include.
She closed her eyes and let the tears wet down her face.
And mumbles in such voice, "I just want this pain to end".