Monday, April 22, 2013

The purple lake

I threw my big guts over you, 2years ago. As I was fall into pieces, I wrote your name on my palm. But it gets sweaty afterwards, your full name seems disappeared. And then I feel completely lost.
I once been told about precautions that I neglect. But when everything is like comes across my mind, I eager to nod. There you go, the spell is working, when your ears can't really sees the facts.

Here I am now, at the same place, sitting under a big yellow tree and reminiscing some good and bad stuffs that have had happened. And here you are, before me floating in the purple lake. I can't see your both feet but I can surely see your hands. You call my name with your sweetest voice and I walk slowly towards you. 
Everything is so right until I can't barely breathe anymore. The purple lake is now filled with black-reddish color that gotten me losing the air. I was suffocating, dying and drowning.

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